About us

Amassing a combined 65 years of experience, Bees Industrial Services LLC has evolved from a small division within a family business (Harry Blumenthal & Sons Inc / Blumenthals Inc) to a complete separate entity owned by three partners. In 2004, Bonnie Stein, Brian Nichols and another partner founded Bees Industrial Services LLC. The partners were all hands on deck with the intent on cultivating relationships, not just selling. With the economy slipping in 2008 the partners were forced to make difficult decisions. Bonnie & Brian bought out the third partner and tried going it alone. Besides some part time help now and then, and Jacob Stein working during school breaks, it was just Bonnie and Brian. They won over customers with brutal honesty “we would rather lose this sale than tell you a ship date that will not be met”, “yes we can get you that very expensive heater band but this less expensive one would work just as well”.

Jacob Stein joined the team in 2011, becoming a partner in 2016. Jacob immediately brought technology knowledge that allowed Bees to streamline processes, update data bases and generally greatly improve our efficiency.

Bees moved to their current location in Hopkins MN in 2014. Software has been upgraded, inventory has been organized and an online store is in the process of being implemented. Bees has inventory for over 30 customers, as well as general inventory worth about $100,000.00. Bees continues to cultivate relationships, as well as maintaining hundreds of relationships that have been made over the years. Customer service is the number one priority.