Band Heaters can come in all shapes and sizes. They are an extremely versatile product line that can be used in even the most harsh environments. From standard round mica bands, conical shaped mica bands, to mineral insulated heater bands with cutouts and cast-in heaters for extruder barrels. Each application may require a unique setup designed for your specific needs. Many original equipment manufacturers (OEM) will design their products for versatility (such as having dual voltage heaters or extra holes). These can sometimes cause confusion for added complexity for the maintenance team. We can provide heaters that meet your EXACT needs, eliminating the opportunity for incorrect installation.  

Bees Industrial can help you with all of your heater band needs, from our most basic designs, to the most complicated... we can find the best fit for your application. We work with some of the leaders in the industry supplying the best value in the industry. Please contact us for a quote or to discuss your specific needs!

Mica Band Heaters
Ceramic Band Heaters
Mineral Insulated Band Htr
Rated up to 900’F
  • Widely used in operations involving heating of surfaces 
  • Varying construction styles
  • Varying termination types (screw terminals and lead available)
  • Unique shapes
  • Varying Voltages
Rated up to 1200’F
  • For applications that require superior insulation
  • Conserves electrical energy
  • Minimal heat loss
  • Excellent thermal uniformity 
  • Heats through both conduction and radiation
  • Varying construction and terminal types
  • Varying voltages
Rated up to 1,400’F
  • For applications that require high watt density and/or high operating temperatures
  • Varying construction and terminal types
  • Varying Voltages
  • Sealed bands also available
Cast Band Heaters
Maxi Band Heaters
up to 1350’F
  • For applications that require a durable solution
  • Varying construction and terminal types
  • Varying voltages
  • Excellent thermal conductivity 
  • Contamination Resistant
  • Finned Construction for air-cooled applications
  • Cooling tubes for liquid-cooled applications
  • 125 RMS standard surface finish for machined heaters
  • Special Finishes
    • Electroless Nickel-Plated to protect corrosion
    • Teflon Coating
    • Hard coat anodizing
    • Magnaplate
  • Varying materials
    • Aluminum 319 (surface temps up to 700’F)
    • Aluminum 356 (surface temps up to 750’F)
    • Bronze (surface temps up to 1,350’F)
    • Brass (surface temps up to 1,200’F)
up to 650’F
  • For applications that require a durable solution
  • Varying construction and terminal types
  • Varying voltages
  • Withstands vibration
  • Contamination Resistant
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Contamination Resistant